Part History

We were initially approached with 6 different drawings of this part to quote.

This customer was trying to reduce their costs on this part. We redesigned the part to optimize the machining on our machines. We are able to use 3 tools at high speeds and feeds at the same time. You can see the part running Here.

Their current cost was over $5.50 each. We gave them a price range of $3.00 to $4.00.

After the trial run, they approved the parts and the final price was $3.20 each.

Without a target price, we would have quoted $4.00 each.

Material: Steel

drill and turn on front and back at the same time

milling on the main

parts are complete off the machine

Material: Steel

This part drops off the machine complete

turn both ends

mill both ends

mill notch on one end

drill hole from end

cross chamfer, drill and tap


We run 3,000 to 6,000 at a time

This part is perfect for a swiss machine because we can run 3 tools in the cut at one time and work both ends at the same time.

Material: Steel

specialty power bit sockets

turn and OD hex on main

drill, internal hex and drill on back

see video for job running on swiss Here

Material: Steel

Turn and hole through on main

keyway on sub at same time

we saved our customer 18% on this part

Material: Steel

This part drops off the machine complete

drill all 3 cross holes we are drilling 2 cross holes while the bar is moving.

Chamfer cross holes

mill flat


We run about 2,000 at a time

Watch a video of this part running Here.